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Joyful Sumi-e offers original brush/watercolor paintings, greeting cards, coloring book, companion writing exercises, and bookmarks. I have been creating art since kindergarten and have studied Oriental style watercolor painting for the last 16 years. The last two years, I have been concentrating on standard watercolor paintings. Hopefully, you sense as much peace and tranquility from viewing my work as I do when creating it.

"Love It"   (Praises)

  • "Ordering online from Joyful Sumi-e has been an outstanding experience.  The detail with each artistic item shows the years’ of knowledge Sherry puts into each piece.  The high quality of products and her superb ability to write motivational words that bring life to the bookmarks, greeting cards, coloring book, and companion writing exercises is inspiring. The diversity of options when ordering online is full of colorful choices for teacher, family, client and co-worker gifts. That, along with low shipping costs and quick delivery are what set this website apart from the rest."  ~  Brenda F., Sioux Falls SD, Virtual Assistant

    "Sherry, I had never been too much of an admirer of Asian style brush painting  until I saw what you've been doing with it. I very much enjoy the greeting cards that I purchased from you.  They are wonderfully colored and they are wonderful to look at.  I almost hate sending them out, but they add such a personal touch to my messages that I hope the recipients enjoy the artwork as much as I do.  I know I can get more as I send them out and I will.  I hope to enjoy more of your artwork in the days to come and I'm stocking up on lots and lots of those note cards!"  ~  Tori, Palm Desert, CA

  • "The painting I love is looking at me this minute from my wall where it resides in a place of honor. Love your work Sherry!"  ~  Bev, San Diego, CA
  • "Hi Sherry, Wanted to let you know that I received the package from you yesterday :o).  Thank you so much!!! Everything was beautiful!"  ~ Barbra, Winter Park, FL
  • “Love my Dragon! Sherry has such a wonderful talent and her paintings have such character. I found the colors vibrant and the uniqueness of the work fun and decorative. My picture hangs prominently in my dining room. I love looking at it! Thanks Sherry!”  ~ Tracy, San Diego, CA
  • "Over the years, I have seen many of Sherry's works of Art; she has won awards, and her choice of subjects and colors are perfect to complement a room that needs a lift without overwhelming the wall. Her term "joyful" really does describe her work. Her prices are reasonable. Enjoy!"  ~  Alex, San Diego, CA
  • “It's amazing! I love my new painting and could look at it all day! Your brush work is excellent and the color combination is perfect. Irises and dragonflies have always had a special place in my heart. When I saw this I knew it was the right one for me.  I've told my husband that if he wants to get me something special for our anniversary that the diptych of the wisteria painting would be a great surprise. :) Again, thank you so much! Keep me posted on any new creations! Thanks again.”  ~  Robin, El Centro, CA
  • "This painting was exactly what I wanted - even better than I imagined - and arrived so quick!"  ~  Kathryn, Madison, WI

Artist's Statement

The first time I applied finger paint to paper in kindergarten,I was hooked on creating color and form on paper. As I progressed from oils in high school, to watercolors in college, and most recently, to oriental brush painting, my love of art has never waivered.

With few in-person art experiences available in the small Midwestern town I grew up in, I dreamed of working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Amazingly, that dream came true in the late 60’s and I worked there in the Treasurer’s Office for 10 years until a family illness took me back to the Midwest. Fortunately, I was able to get a job at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where I spent the next 10 years. Both museums fostered my appreciation and knowledge of all art forms and the desire to pursue my own artistic endeavors grew.

Unfortunately, events happened that caused me to set aside my paint brush for several years until I realized that I needed the creativity painting brought me. I discovered oriental brush painting and soon became a charter member of the Taka Sumi-e Society, founded in 2002, and a member of Lung Hsiang, a chapter of American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting, in 2006. Both groups, led by exceptional senseis (teachers), are composed of extraordinarily talented and giving members who have taught me so much.

This style of painting is soothing and relaxing, better than any psychiatric treatment! The elegant simplicity of brush painting takes a lifetime to master and that elegant simplicity is the primary reason I chose to study/practice this art form. Ancient senseis of both Japanese and Chinese brush painting were noted for their lifelong endeavors pursuing perfection. Many of them painted only with sumi-e (black ink), but I prefer to add color which brings my paintings to life.

Purple, in all its glorious shades, symbolizes royalty, strength, and wisdom, and is my favorite color and my favorite flower, the iris, is regal in it’s multiple purple hues. I prefer the medium of watercolor which allows the colors to flow so intricately one into another. The use of color is most satisfying to me in painting florals and landscapes, which seem to highlight these two facets so well.

I begin a painting with an idea in mind, but the idea changes shape and color by the time it is finished because color simply has a mind of its own and flows so freely. When I feel a painting is a well rounded composition of space, color, and idea, I experience a great sense of accomplishment and peace. This sense of peace and tranquility is what I hope my paintings convey to the viewer; a moment of true escapism.

Artist's Resume

Sherry Tucker

Email: /

Profile:  Watercolor/Oriental Brush Artist

Expertise:  Japanese/Chinese Brush Painting, watercolor, pen and ink. Original paintings, coloring book, greeting cards/bookmarks (scanned from originals), hand painted t–shirts, place mats, umbrellas and lanterns.

Professional Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis, MN
  • Sixteen  (16) years specialized study of Japanese/Chinese Brush Painting

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS) 2016-Present
  • Board Member (Secretary) CREATE Center for the Arts Palm Desert, CA 2016-2017
  • Charter Member of Takasumi–e Society, Japanese Brush Painting (Master of Ceremonies for annual exhibit at Balboa Park, 2002/2003)
  • Member of American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting, Lung Hsiang (Newsletter Editor 2006/2008)


  • Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS), Mini Master Exhibit 2017
  • Coachella Valley Watercolor Society (CVWS), Annual Exhibit 2017
  • The Art Hotel, Laguna Beach, CA  2016
  • Bread & Cie, San Diego, CA  2011
  • Lung Hsiand Annual Show, San Diego Botanical Gardens, 2005-2011
  • Takasumi-e Society Annual Exhibit, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA  2002-2011
  • American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting, 2006 Autumn at the West Gate, Huntington Beach Central Library, Huntington Beach, CA  2006
  • BAE Exhibit Rancho Bernardo, Ca 08/06-08/08
  • Sunset Gallery, San Clemente, CA  04/06-11/06
  • Artisan Studio Holiday Show and Sale, La Jolla, CA  11/05 & 11/06
  • Bookcrossing Issue of Bookplate #16, Pandas Reading, 08/06
  • Del Mar County Fair, San Diego, CA 2004
  • Clairemont Public Library, San Diego, CA  2004


Publicity Ribbon, CVWS Mini Master Exhibit 02/17

2nd Place Ribbon, CVWS Painter of the Month, 12/16